CI-HUB Incubation Program Application Form

To know more about the Incubation programs you can visit these links.

  • Catalyst Incubation Program
  • Virtual Incubation Program

Eligibility Criteria for application

If your startup meets any of the following criteria it is eligible for the CI-Hub Incubation Program

  • Has customers (or at least a customer for B2B startups)
  • Has raised funds
  • Has generated revenue

Note: In your application, you will have to submit a pitch deck and fill in financial metrics along with details about your business model.

Other Important Details

This section of the form helps us understand all the important elements of your business model. We use the Business Model Canvas (BMC) Method to map out all the different models.
If you are familiar with a BMC and have made one before please go ahead and complete this section. If you have never made a BMC before please refer to the resources linked below.

Remember you can save your form by clicking on the save button at the bottom of the page and following the instructions.

Customer Segments

Value proposition

Distribution Channels

Key Partners

Key Resources

Key Activities

Cost Structure

Revenue Streams

Revenue Metrics

Burn Metrics

Margin Metrics

Customers Acquisition Metrics

Other Metrics